10 DIY Ideas

My love for crafting is unconditional !! I love to spend my free time either browsing some DIY ideas of crafting or utilizing those ideas. Whenever I am browsing DIY ideas through Pinterest or blogging, my hand tingles and sticky note of my-next-project-list start increasing ( though i don’t get much time to try all of them but I try to make free time out of my schedule to at least try something new). Since, I have gone through many ideas therefore thought to share few of them ( wish, could share all of them but again time constraint. Sigh!).

Below is the DIY bookshelf idea I have come through a blog of very talented and pioneers of crafting girls Emma and Elsie, abeautifullmess


Second is from the same blog, Abeautifullmess, DIY Mirror frame


Third, One of my favorite Wall gallery from Abeautifulmess


Fourth, DIY wall hanging idea from Antiquehomesdesign

Fifth, DIY Calender from imbreannarose


S ixth, DIY Summer frame from aglimpseinsideblog

Summer Frame Wreath- Labeled

Seventh, is DIY Gift Wraps from craftandcreativity


Eight, DIY Glass make over (perfect for family parties)


Ninth, DIY Sticky note holder from craftwhatever


Lastly, DIY Manicure kit gift from tidsbitandwine


Enjoy !! 🙂


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