Karachi Mom Blogger Photo shoot

MOTHERHOOD IS TOUGH..LET'S MEMORIZE IT. Finding a person who shares same journey and experience the same ups and down of motherhood, makes it little easier for you to cope up and to laugh it out. Having ‘MOM’ friends means having a person who can understand all the struggles, all the giggles, all the love and... Continue Reading →


Why it’s okay to take out some ‘Me-time’ for yourself after becoming a mom?

THAT TOO WITHOUT A GUILT If you are sitting in a couch with some unwanted visitor named “Mama guilt” and this freaking ‘society-made’ creature is creeping you out for lots of reasons or making you feel less than a ‘perfect-mom’ you met today at park or giving you negative names for having a dinner before... Continue Reading →

How to make your kid gadget free?

Without having any drama! Fortunately or unfortunately, the gadgets has became significant part of our life or should I say 'our breathing source'. On one hand, technology has helped us in various ways while on other hand, it has become one of the dangerous invention human could have ever thought of. Unfortunately, our next generation... Continue Reading →


Kiya apka larka jawan ha? Kiya apka larka gol roti wali dosheeza k intezar mein ha? Kiya apka larka apna room anay walay jahez k liye khali kar chuka ha? Kiya apka larka apko kayi bar ye yaqeen dil chuka hai k wo aik MBBS/MPhil/CA massi apne ghar mein lanay wala ha or apko ab... Continue Reading →

Tips to visit new Mom!

Yes, you read it right. Few simple tips or we say ethics to learn while visiting new moms! There are some people who love to visit new parents (of course they are happy and excited to see a new baby) but often forget to show their ethics. Basic ethics! Unfortunately, in this techno era where... Continue Reading →

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